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Vitamed Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. is one of the largest Israeli pharmaceutical companies, manufacturing, developing and distributing pharmaceuticals.

The company is comprised of two units, namely a human pharmaceuticals unit and a veterinary unit.

Vitamed's product line is based on generic pharmaceutical products with high manufacturing sophistication and high quality demands - a new sterile eye drops line, a dedicated penicillin facility, a penicillin clean room manufacturing vials for injection, etc.

Vitamed is constantly looking to expand its operations through the importation and distribution of Ethical and Generic pharmaceuticals in Israel, and through the export of Vitamed's Products.


Vitamed Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

  P.O.B. 114, Benyamina, Israel 
  Tel: 972-6-6189000  Fax: 972-6-6189029  

E-MAIL : Vitamed@doryanet.co.il


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